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BCT is operated by the City of Redondo Beach and we are NOT affiliated with Beach Cities Transit, the City of Redondo Beach, or First Transit. The information on this page is for historical purposes.

This page is an unofficial roster of the buses operated by Beach Cities Transit in Redondo Beach, California. Comments/Questions email me at:

All photos by Andrew Novak unless noted.

Number Year Manufacturer Model Notes Contarctor Pictures
525 19XX El Dorado Transmark Note 1 Laidlaw 525
526 2004 El Dorado MST II -- Laidlaw 526/526
527 19XX El Dorado Transmark Note 1 Laidlaw 527 / 527
528 2004 El Dorado MST II -- Laidlaw No Photo
529 2004 El Dorado MST II -- Laidlaw 529 / 529
0530 200? El Dorado MST II -- Laidlaw 0530
0531-0534 2006 El Dorado ENC XHF -- Laidlaw 0531 / 0531 / 0532
550 200X El Dorado Axcess (Low Floor) Note 6 Laidlaw 550
0501-0505 2004 Ford/El Dorado Econoline/Aerotech Note 3 Laidlaw 0501 / 0504(Russ Jones Photo)
19097 1988 Gillig 40TB1026V92T Note 4 Laidlaw 19097(Russ Jones Photo)
105 / 107 1987 Gillig 3096TB6V92TA Note 5 Laidlaw 105/107 / 107 (Night Shot)

Note 1:exUCLA Bus

Note 3:To be used on Dial-a-Ride

Note 4:This bus began life as BART Express 19097. Unknown if it was ever used in service at BCT, but was spotted in the BCT yard.

Note 5:These two buses were leased to BCT from Shuttle Bus Leasing (SBL) and used on line 102. They were last used on the Stanford-Marguerite Shuttle in the SF Bay Area as 105 and 107. The buses were originally built for CCCTA in Contra Costa County, also in the SF Bay Area and were CCCTA 804 and 805. After BCT service 105 became Golden Gate 509 and 107 became Golden Gate 510 and were used during Summer 2005 on Route 66 to the Muir Woods. The buses have since returned to SBL.

Note 6:Former demonstrator, Also this bus has been named "Bertha"

BCT Lines 102 and 104

BCT Line 102 Map (January 2005)

BCT Line 104 Map (January 2005)

Click the links below for the current BCT Schedules. These links direct you to the schedules on the official BCT website.

BCT Line 102 Schedule (January 31, 2005)[Off site link]

BCT Line 104 Schedule (January 1, 2005)[Off site link]

BCT Line 109

The Beach Cities Transit Line 109 the "Pacific Coaster" began on August 2, 2006. Below are pictures of new El Dorado RE 0531 at the southern end of line 109 on August 4, 2006. (Both photos by Andrew Novak).

0531 (Front)

0531 (Rear)

Line 109 Schedule [Off site link]

Misc BCT

Bus Stop Sign at the Del Amo Fashion Center (Andrew Novak Photo)

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