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OUT OF PRINT - This book is no longer available

SCRTD/LACMTA Fleet Fact Book 1964-2003

The complete history of the Southern California Rapid Transit District (SCRTD)/Los Angles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) bus fleet from 1964-2003.

The book close to 2 years in the making contains all the information on the SCRTD/LACMTA bus fleet from 1964-2003 contains the following information: Rosters, Notes about the specific fleets, Contractor Fleets, Vin Numbers, Demonstrators, Paint Schemes, Details on the Alternative fuel program, Over 250 photos and so much more. With Supplement Volume 1, the book has over 100 pages.

Only a limited number of these books will be produced so act now to get your copy today.

OUT OF PRINT - This book is no longer available

Above is a picture of the Fleet Fact Book.

Images from the Fleet Fact Book

The cover of the Fleet Fact Book.

RTD Flxible New Looks pose for an RTD photographer.

RTD Grummans and GMC RTS face off in this RTD photo.

MTA Neoplan 6346 sits at  CSUDH.

MTA New Flyer 5150 at Norwalk Greenline.

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