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Currently all of our books are OUT OF PRINT. These pages will be left as a reference guide. If any of these titles are reprinted we will advise on the website. Thank You.

SCRTD/LACMTA Fleet Fact Book 1964-2003

Click here for details about the SCRTD/LACMTA Fleet Fact Book.

California Fleet Fact Series

Each book in the series will profile a different transit agency in the State of California.

Volume 1 Foothill Transit Zone (West Covina)

Click here for details about the Foothill Fleet Fact Book.

Bus Auction and Sales Reports

These books have listings of various buses sold during the year indicated. Most of the buses listed are from various transit agencies in California, however some east coast transit agencies are listed along with some charter and school buses from across the United States.

Click here for details about the 2005-2006 Auction and Sales Book.

Click here for details about the 2007 Auction and Sales Book.

Across the Golden Gate, The story of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, and Transportation District

Click here for details about Across the Golden Gate.

RTP has helped with the production of the Southern California Advocates Transit Guide.

Click here for details on the 2008 SOCATA Transit Guide.


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