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This page is an unofficial roster of the buses operated by Downey Link in Downey, CA. Comments/Questions email me at:

All photos by Andrew Novak unless noted.

Number Year Manufacturer Model Notes Contarctor Pictures
38085-38089 1994 Ford/El Dorado Aerotech Note 1 Mayflower-Laidlaw 184
552-555 1998 Blue Bird CSRE -- Laidlaw 552
5 19XX Amtran -- Note 2 Laidlaw 5 (front)/5 (rear)
Unnumb. 19XX Blue Bird -- Note 3 Laidlaw BB(front)/BB(rear)
604 19XX Ford/El Dorado Goshen -- Laidlaw 604
001-007 1985 Orion 01.502 Note 4 MV Transportation 007
001-005 2002 Blue Bird CSRE3403 -- MV Transportation 003/005(Int)/005(Int)
006 2002 Ford/Supreme Econ-Startrans -- MV Transportation 006

Note 1:38085-38089 were Mayflower numbers and the two vehicles retained by Laidlaw were renumbered 184 and 186. It is unknown what the Mayflower numbers for these two buses were.

Note 2:This bus was used and may have been from Laidlaw Denver.

Note 3:This bus arrived at Downeylink in 2000 and had North Carolina license plates. The bus had “Wolflink Shuttle” in the headsign and arrived at the same time as Glendale Beeline, also Laidlaw operated at the time, received several Gilligs from North Carolina State University.

Note 4:These buses were leased from Transit Sales international and used by MV Transportation when they first got the Downey Link Contract in 2002. The buses were delivered new to the San Diego CTS and retained there CTS numbers.

Downey Link System Map (September 2003)

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