Past and Present Transit buildings in downtown Los Angeles.

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The transit operators in Los Angeles

-Pacific Electric (PE) (1902 - 1953)

-Los Angeles Railway (LARY) (1894 - 1945)

-Los Angeles Transit Lines (LATL) (1945 - 1958)

-Los Angeles Metropolitan Coach Lines (MCL) (1953 - 1958)

-Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) (1958 - 1964)

-Southern California Rapid Transit District (RTD) (1964 - 1993)

-Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) (1993 - Present)

For more information about the history of transit in Los Angeles, visit the Metro Library

1060 South Broadway

1060 South Broadway was originally the main headquarters for the LARY. This building was then latter used by LATL, and finally RTD. Today it is no longer used for transit related purposes.

1060 The back side of the 1060 Building on December 6, 2002. (Andrew Novak Photo)

RTD/Greyhound Station

The combined RTD/Greyhound Station was opened in 1967 and closed in 1982 and 1991/1992. When built the building had four levels and took up a whole city block, 6th Street and 7th Street on the north and south sides and Los Angeles Street and Maple Street on the west and east sides. The basement level was used by RTD and buses entered from Maple, the street level was retail shops and termainal related, the second level was for Greyhound buses, which entered on 7th Street, and the top level was parking. When completed it was the largest privately owned bus terminal in the country. In 1982 RTD left the lower level and Gryhound continued on until the 1991 srike. After the strike ended Greyhound began selling off prime realestate and the Los Angeles Terminal was sold. Greyhound built a new terminal at 7th and Alameda next to an existing maintenance yard. Today the old RTD/Greyhound Station is used for retail purposes and a few bus related items still remain.

Greyhound The Los Angeles Street side of the Greyhound Terminal on December 6, 2002. If you look close you can still see the words "Greyhound Terminal" on the side of the building. (Andrew Novak Photo)

The Sign This sign is at the 6th and Los Angeles Streets corner of the building on December 6, 2002. This sign advertised the location was a bus terminal.(Andrew Novak Photo)

The RTD Ramp This photo shows the ramp once used by RTD buses to travel into the basement of the terminal. This photo was taken on May 7, 2007. (Scott Richards Photo)

The RTD loading docks This photo shows the loading docks once used by RTD. This photo was taken on May 7, 2007. (Scott Richards Photo)

The RTD Service Director This photo shows the booth where an RTD service director would call out bus boardings. This photo was taken on May 7, 2007. (Scott Richards Photo)

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