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One thing I really love are great night pictures. I have created this gallery to post some great night shots. If you have photos you would like to add to this page please email me at:

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Amtrak GE 2051 at the Bakersfield Station on August 3, 2007. (Andrew Novak Photo)

Buses (Charter)

Coach America MCI 65770 on Convention Way in Anaheim on November 11, 2007. (Andrew Novak Photo)

Coach America Prevost 69614 at LAX on November 23, 2007. (Andrew Novak Photo)

Buses (Transit)

CAT New Flyer 907 in front of the Plaza Hotel in downtown Las Vegas on August 12, 2008. (Andrew Novak Photo)

LADOT DASH RE 02036 in Hollywood across from the Pantagas Theathre on January 28, 2005. (Andrew Novak Photo)

LAX Shuttle Gillig 636 at the LAX bus holding lot on November 12, 2007. (Andrew Novak Photo)

LAX Shuttle Gilligs at the LAX bus holding lot on November 12, 2007. (Andrew Novak Photo)

Metro (LA) GMC 4409 at the Universal City Red Line Station on December 9, 2008. (Andrew Novak Photo)

Metro (LA) Neoplan 4519 at the North Hollywood Red Line Station on November 4, 2007. (Andrew Novak Photo)

Metro (LA) New Flyer 5024 in downtown Los Angeles on April 24, 2004.(Andrew Novak Photo)

Metro (LA) NABI 7476 at the Norwalk Greenline Station on December 31, 2003. Andrew Novak Photo)


Ferry Terminal The Ferry Terminal building in San Francisco on October 2, 2007. (Andrew Novak Photo)

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