Created 7/15/2021

Updated 6/10/2022

During 2016 and 2017 I attempted to revive the publication TIMEPOINTS for the Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California (ERHA). It did not work out. Below are the 8 issues I produced.

For more information or to join ERHA, please visit their website at:ERHA

I used the information on the ERHA TIMEPOINTS page to create the Volume and Issue numbers. The numbers I picked presumed that the issues continued in sequence from 2000. Each issue I completed represented several issues of the publication. The new TIMEPOINTS was offered as a PDF only.

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Volume 129 - 2016

Vol 129 #1-3 January-March 2016

Vol 129 #4-6 April-June 2016

Volume 130 - 2016

Vol 130 #1-3 July-September 2016

Vol 130 #4-6 October-December 2016

Volume 131 - 2017

Vol 131 #1-3 January-March 2017

Vol 131 #4-6 April-June 2017

Volume 132 - 2017

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