Riverside Transit Agency (RTA)

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This is NOT a complete roster of RTA buses. This page has been established as a place to post RTA photos as I get time. If you have photos you would like to add to this page please email me at: rtd1121@yahoo.com

1965 GMC 104-109(Retired)

105-111Photo from Regional Transit Service

105Photo from Regional Transit Service

107RTA's Historic bus at the Hemet Yard on 9-18-04 Andrew Novak Photo

1983 Gillig 400-403(Retired)

403Downtown Riverside Terminal Steve Hoskins Photo

2002 NABI 2201-2247

2229Chaffee Yiu Photo

2235at the Hemet Yard on 9-18-04 Andrew Novak Photo

1982 GMC 2300s(Retired)

2308while leased to IEC in Riverside. RUss Jones Photo

1982 GMC 3001-3013(Retired)

3011Montebello Town Center (Now owned by Regional Transit Service) Andrew Novak Photo

2003 Denis/Thomas 3001-3010

3005Montclair Transit Center Eddie Anthony Photo

1995 Flxible 9501-9517

9502at the Hemet Yard on 9-18-04 Andrew Novak Photo

1997 New Flyer 9701-9703

9701Chaffee Yiu Photo

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