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Every since I was a little kid, I have been interested in transportation; buses and trains. I remember picking up RTD bus schedules at the local public library and I always wanted to ride the bus lines I saw in the schedules. My interest in photography also developed at an early age. I took my first pictures when I was six years old after I got my first camera, which was a gift from a friend. Since then I have not stopped taking pictures, and several cameras later, I now have a digital camera. As I grew up, my interest in transportation also grew to include all aspects of transportation, from the real thing to models and taking photographs.

In 1994 I began working on my first publication, the Monthly News. The Monthly News had an interesting mix of photos, stories, and personal experiences, much like the News and Views, except the Monthly News was more rail and railroad oriented. I made the first issues of the Monthly News on my old 386 computer with photos taped in places and the bulk of work being done on a photocopier. I enjoyed producing the Monthly News, and while I was actively producing issues I made several friends, and learned a lot about newsletter production. In 1996, I graduated from high school and began attending the California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State LA). At Cal State LA I had less and less spare time to work on the newsletter, and in winter 1999 I released Issue 31, which turned out to be the last issue. I was hoping to continue the newsletter, possibly on a quarterly basis, but I never did.

Rapid Transit Press (RTP) began in 2002 while working in the Commuter Services office at Cal State LA. I needed to learn how to use the Microsoft office programs Access and Excel as part of my job. To better understand how these programs worked, I created an SCRTD/LACMTA fleet roster. This training exercise became the basis for the SCRTD/LACMTA Fleet Fact book.

In 2003, I came up with the idea for the RTD Technical and Historical Society, and along with two other local bus fans, we began producing a newsletter, The Flyer. The Flyer did not last an entire year before my partners opted to do their own transportation newsletters; so in October 2003, I began the RTP News and Views. The News and Views began slowly, and by June 2004 I settled on the current format. In spring 2004 the SCRTD/LACMTA Fleet Fact book was finally finished and continues to be a popular sales item, with more than 50 copies sold. After finishing that book, I began working on several other book projects along with the newsletter. The second book I completed was a Fleet Fact Book for Foothill Transit in the San Gabriel Valley. This book was fun to complete and after that I began working on an extensive history of the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District. The Golden Gate book was completed in 2008 and is currently out of print.

The Plaza is the newest addition to the RTP family. My interest in retail stores and malls began at an early age, with many trips to my favorite mall, Stonewood Center in Downey. I began The Plaza in late 2006 as a way to share much of the information I have learned and continue to learn about malls, shopping centers, and retail stores. This interest was brought on, in part, by the recent closing of such stores as Robinsons-May and Tower Records. The histories of these stores and others are interesting and worth reporting on. Like the News and Views, The Plaza has feature articles, general news, photographs, and personal reflections. The Plaza is also like the News and Views in the sense that issues are sold on an individual basis as they are produced.

I am continuing to work on other projects that will be great additions to any transit library.

I would like to thank you for your interest in RTP and hope you will become a supporter.

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