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2458/2671 with the local in Downey switching Leach Grain and Milling c.1999-2000. (Andrew Novak Photo)

2552/UPY 1338 at Pasadena Jct. on November 7, 2003. (Andrew Novak Photo)


3190 a passenger GP-9 at the Third and Townsend Street Station San Francisco c.1980. (Andrew Novak Collection)

3834 pulling a single gallery coach at the Glendale Station in early 1980s. (Bruce Petty Photo)


6459 now Amtrak 122 with Amtrak 110 (exSP 6446) in Bakersfield in 1970s. (Andrew Novak Collection)

Passenger Cars


SP Articulated Coach 2467-2468 is now owned by Pacific Railroad Society and is stored at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, CA.2467 on blocks at OERM on July 10, 2004. (Albert Novak Photo)

2467 the interior of coach 2467 on July 10, 2004. (Albert Novak Photo)

2468 on blocks at OERM on July 10, 2004. (Albert Novak Photo)

2468 the interior of coach 2468 on July 10, 2004. (Albert Novak Photo)

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